Mazar, Provincia Azuay; Cantón Paute; Sistema hidrográfico Santiago; Río Paute/Mazar, Ecuador

Status: Under construction

3 hectares per MW

0 people per MW


Net Present Value-10,224 thousand USD
Hectares flooded per MW3 hectares per MW
Gross CO₂ equivalent emissions85,869 metric tonnes
Gross CO₂ equivalent per MW263 metric tonnes per MW
Hectares flooded per MW3 hectares per MW
People displaced per megawatt0 people per MW

Inputs and assumptions

People displaced0 people displaced
Area flooded987 hectares
Installed capacity 327 MW
Capacity used90%
Construction time3 years
Construction cost460,500,000 USD
Transmission infrastructure cost0 USD
Wholesale price of energy46.9 USD
Economic discount rate16%