Camila Jericó-Daminello

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Program Coordinator, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Camila joined CSF in early 2015 as a consultant on the Biodiversity Understanding in Infrastructure and Landscape Development (BUILD) program. Since then, she has worked on several projects as a coordinator and analyst, participated in thematic working groups and developed communications for the Brazilian office. In her current role as Program Coordinator, Camila has increased her participation in policies discussions with the Government of Brazil, partners and funders. A biologist, Camila holds a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences, from the University of São Paulo - USP, and has great experience on the ecosystem services framework. While completing her master’s degree, Camila was a researcher with focus on the understanding of governance models and the use of natural resources. Prior to joining CSF, she was involved on several projects developing indicators for PES models and cost-benefit analysis of hydroelectric federal projects in Amazon region, among others. Camila has extensive experience in social-environmental education and in communication with local stakeholders and communities.