Our Mission

Conservation Strategy Fund uses economics to benefit people and nature. 

Capacity Building

Our training changes mindsets. We provide professionals with the knowledge, tools, and networks to create better outcomes for both the environment and society.


Capturing the true economic cost of environmental degradation, our objective analyses lead to smart development decisions.

Our Impact

published economic research papers on the values of nature
partners in CSF‘s network of collaborators
alumni transforming conservation and development

Empowered Economics

Conservation Strategy Fund is an international non-profit organization that provides strategic insights, information, and tools to fuel sustainable development. We use the power of economics to support environmental conservation by integrating the economic value of natural resources and human well-being into development and policy decisions.

CSF offers rigorous analyses and a world-class capacity building program to help stakeholders reach decisions that benefit both people and nature, without sacrificing economic advancement. Our economic tools generate the true costs and benefits of human activities on environmental and social well-being, and allow us to better understand and solve environmental threats.

Recipient of the MACARTHUR FOUNDATION award for creative AND effective institutions

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Training with Conservation Strategy Fund

Our unique capacity building program draws on multiple economic disciplines to give conservation professionals knowledge and skills that are key for success in protecting the environment.

“This training is one of the greatest ideas in community-based conservation. It has empowered me as a key decision maker in a conservation organization to have a not just a voice, but a voice of reason. This is exactly what I needed, and now I have it, thanks to CSF.”
Titus Muia
Masai Wilderness Conservation Trust, Kenya

A Better Amazon Road Network

Conservation Strategy Fund led a landmark study on the risks and returns of 75 planned road projects in the Amazon and found that roughly half lacked any economic justification.