Introduction to Environmental Valuation & Application to Payments for Ecosystem Services

3 weeks 5 days
Course Type
Online Training

Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF) delivered a distance learning training course for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to equip them with the knowledge and tools to integrate natural capital approaches and economic incentives into their work.  The course offered a brief introduction to valuation, provided useful examples, and enabled TNC teams to consider why, when, and how useful it is to value ecosystem services, and how this information can be integrated into decisions and policies. CSF’s Numbers for Nature (N4N) Training Institute provided the design, development, content and implementation of the training program.


The course combined self-paced online lessons and virtual discussion sessions with CSF staff. The course, including re-recorded lectures, learning materials, and readings,  was hosted on the Numbers For Nature Training Institute and live Zoom sessions. Participants were asked to complete about one hour of work per week on the platform. One-hour live sessions were held at two different times each week, during which instructors reviewed key points, presented case studies, and responded to questions. 

The 4-week course included four modules, covering the following topics:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Environmental Valuation
  • Week 2: Valuation Methods
  • Week 3: Integrating Valuation into Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Week 4: Applications to Payments for Ecosystem Services