Call for Applications: Training of Trainers, Indonesia, August 2024

Call for Applications: Training of Trainers, Indonesia, August 2024

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Call for Applications
Training of Trainers (ToT)
Bandung, 5 - 9 August 2024


Are you an economist or a natural resource management expert in Indonesia? Do you have what it takes to teach economics and/or natural resource management in a way that it is enjoyable and easy to digest for everyone? Are you interested in expanding your research interest from economics, fisheries and/or natural resource management to institutions, policy, governance, and incentive structures to address environmental challenges effectively?

Conservation Strategy Fund is seeking candidates who are passionate and willing to learn for our Training of Trainers program and become a part of global network of exceptionally skilled economist and/or natural resource management expert in today’s world. The program will be held in August 5 – 9, 2024 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. This program is being offered with generous support from Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies and Walton Family Foundation.

The approach of ToT is designed to comprehensively equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to effectively contribute to the Conservation Strategy Fund's (CSF) mission and to expand their capacity as trainers and conservation leaders in Indonesia. The training is structured around three key elements—Content, Pedagogy, and Course Management—with a strategic allocation of time and resources to each aspect to maximize learning outcomes. In addition, the content portion of the training is dedicated to deepening participants' understanding of their chosen subject matter, such as microeconomics, fisheries economics, cost-benefit analysis, environmental valuation, policy design, and, course development and design to help them create an effective course in the future, among others. As part of the course management segment, a special emphasis will be placed on integrating the Numbers for Nature (N4N) platform into the training. These foundational knowledge is crucial for participants, as it underpins the effectiveness of their future teaching and mentoring roles, and ready to tackle environmental challenges with economic tools and strategies and to inspire others to join in these efforts.

Who is eligible to apply?

The Training of Trainers program is primarily for those who are an expert in economics, fisheries and/or natural resource management with an extensive experiences working in Indonesia, including professors/lecturers, researchers, representatives of government agencies and think tanks, managers of conservation programs and protected areas, and directors of non-governmental and community organizations. Applicants from a variety of disciplines other than economics, fisheries and/or natural resource management can also apply, if they can demonstrate a sufficient degree of understanding of the above discipline and approaches. Alumni of CSF courses, trainings, Marine Fellowship Program (MFP), and Ground Work Analysis (GWA) are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants must be proficient in spoken and written English.

Program Overview 

  1. How to teach adults
  2. Participatory methods
  3. Microeconomics
  4. Fisheries economics
  5. Valuation/Cost Benefit Analysis
  6. Policy and incentive: Linking policy-institution-incentives
  7. Understanding governance and institutional set up
  8. Course development and design
  9. Introduction to Numbers for Nature (N4N) Platform
  10. Course Marketing and recruitment

Who are the instructors? 

To ensure a high level of expertise and engagement, the training will be delivered by a distinguished team of CSF instructors, including leading academics at renowned international universities such as University of Hawai’I, Natural Capital Project-Stanford University, and University of Wisconsin – Madison, as well as professors from leading fisheries university of IPB University. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields, ensuring that participants receive cutting-edge insights and learning experiences.

Who is paying for the cost of this training? 

CSF will cover the cost of transport, materials, accommodation, and meals during the 5-day program for those who are accepted.

Submission Details: 

The deadline for submissions is 12 July 2024. Selection will be based on several criteria such as, but not limited to, background, teaching experience, English language proficiency, understanding of context, and willingness to learn. Those who are interested should download and fill out the FORM and attach following documents:

  1. The CSF ToT 2024 Application Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae (No more than 2 pages)
  3. A video demonstrating the candidate’s teaching ability. Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate any unique approach or methods in their teaching. The duration of the video should not exceed 15 minutes. 
    • Example activities you could include in this video are: teaching students in class, training local communities, facilitation of stakeholder interaction, etc. 
  4. A second video that demonstrates the applicants’ understanding of about Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF) or Yayasan Strategi Konservasi Indonesia and how their participation can benefit CSF/YSKI as well as the applicants’ stakeholders in building capacity in economics, policy, and natural resources management. The duration of this motivation video should not exceed 3 minutes. 

Submit the Application Form online OR send all documents to: [email protected] with the subject line: "CSF ToT Program 2024"

We will notify only selected candidates for the interview process, before selecting final 30 participants for the training. For enquiries and clarifications, please contact [email protected]

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