CSF x CFA Join Forces to Implement Finance Solutions for Nature

CSF x CFA Join Forces to Implement Finance Solutions for Nature

Global Leaders in Conservation Economics and Finance, Conservation Strategy Fund and Conservation Finance Alliance join forces to empower conservation leaders with innovative and effective finance and economic solutions for climate and development challenges.

This unique partnership will deliver impactful conservation finance solutions that realign incentives to serve both people and nature.

Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF) and Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) have entered into a unique partnership to rapidly scale up their impact in global support of conservation outcomes. CFA’s expertise and network in conservation finance, paired with CSF’s specialization in economics will strengthen the research, tools, learning, and strategies both organizations can provide to practitioners and policy-makers around the world. Expanding the knowledge, design, and implementation effectiveness of finance solutions across the conservation sector will help the sector develop essential sustainable and equitable conservation policies and funding.

Nature provides the raw material and basic services underlying the global economy including food, fuel, fiber, water, and climatic stability. In addition to this financial and economic value, the beauty and diversity of life on the planet provide us with unmeasurable spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing.  Yet nature remains under-appreciated, underfunded, and continuously under attack from the same economic actors that depend on nature for their profits and livelihoods. To ensure the conservation of land, water and all the plants and animals depending on them, long-term stable and adequate financing is key. Both organizations are committed to capacity building in economics and finance for conservation professionals, provide strategic advisory services to partners globally, and drive innovation and awareness, and in this way, the entire conservation community will benefit from this partnership.

David Meyers, Executive Director of the CFA explains, “There is no better time than now to rapidly expand capacity and implementation of finance mechanisms for nature as global ambitions for a nature positive future are increasingly at odds with the reality of business as usual.  This collaboration blends the power of economics and finance for the conservation community in ways that can drive transformational change.  The CFA’s 3000 individual and institutional members together with the entire conservation community will benefit from this new alliance.”

Scott Edwards, Executive Director of CSF shares, “I am so excited to be working with David Meyers and his network at Conservation Finance Alliance.  With our expertise in economics and his vast experience in conservation finance, we will make a formidable team equipped to address our most pressing environmental challenges.”

CSF and CFA are longtime partners and have recently launched a self-paced course on CSF’s Numbers For Nature platform, Introduction to Conservation Finance. CSF’s most popular self-paced course, this training covers the fundamentals of Conservation Finance solutions, public and private sector partnerships, scalable strategies and emerging tools and opportunities to help finance nature now and far into the future. It is taught by David Meyers, the world’s leading expert in conservation finance.

The two organizations also partner on 4Nature Podcast. 4Nature Podcast interviews some of the world’s most innovative thinkers and driven actors all committed to restructuring financial, economic and social incentives to be more nature positive, and dedicated to transforming the role humanity plays within Nature. Season Two opens with a conversation on the the complexities and triumphs of sustainable debt and conservation finance with Slav Gachev from The Nature Conservancy. Listen on Spotify here.


CFA encompasses the world’s leading experts in financing nature, a field of knowledge that will enable us to solve humanity’s greatest challenges of today while investing in the nature we will depend on tomorrow. They do this through extensive collaboration and partnerships with individuals and organizations, publications, capacity development, an incubator program, and strategic advisory to select projects and programs. The Alliance contains around 3,000 individual members and over 40 institutional members including some of the most powerful environmental NGOs and many key donors working in the conservation finance space.

CSF uses economics to demonstrate the impacts of natural capital as a major contributor to financial, social and environmental well-being. By revealing the true tradeoffs of development, demonstrating the inherent value of nature, and generating financially viable environmental solutions, CSF used economic tools and insights to identify and inform others of the best possible development outcomes. CSF works with governments, conservationists, funders, farmers, fishermen, and others to raise economic literacy worldwide and create a better understanding of how economics can improve decision-making.


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