Packard Foundation Supports CSF Oceans Work

Packard Foundation Supports CSF Oceans Work

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation recently awarded CSF a grant to expand our ocean conservation work, with a focus on the islands of Micronesia. Packard will join CSF in delivering conservation economics training in Palau, a global priority for protection of reefs and associated coastal ecosystems. CSF will work with environmental managers and decision makers on integrating economic data and insights into management of fisheries and marine protected areas. Complementing the training will be a detailed analysis of sustainability and the distribution of profits from the economically significant sea cucumber industry. CSF will also team up with Palauan organizations on additional economic research projects driven by local needs. The project represents an expansion of work started in the Pacific in 2012 with support from Packard and the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation, and is part of CSF’s growing focus on coastal marine conservation.

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