PlanaFlor: Brazil’s Green New Deal for Nature-Based Economic Recovery


PlanaFlor is a national plan under the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development (FBDS), which aims to provide environmental, economic, and social considerations for the effective implementation of the Brazilian Forest Code. This law is intended to promote rural production by generating jobs and income while prioritizing forest protection and recovery.  

Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF)-Brazil is working with FBDS and BVRio in drafting technical reports related to the economics of restoration and Cotas de Reserva Ambiental (CRA, Environmental Reserve Quotas).

CSF-Brazil is supporting our partners in two key ways. First, CSF will assist in designing the national strategy for conservation and forest reforestation, including how to prioritize and phase forest restoration and forest off-sets, according to demands for ecosystem services (e.g. water supply, carbon stocks, biodiversity), legal compliance, and economic opportunities. Second, we will help balance spatial prioritization for restoration and compensation of Forest Legal Reserves, taking into consideration ecological corridors, water protection, carbon storage, and agricultural land needs. Our goal is to support the full implementation of the Brazilian Forest Law regulation. 

This project is being conducted in partnership with FBDS and BVRio with funding from Norad

Photo: Brazilian rainforest
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