New conservation tools available for use on the CSF website

HydroCalculator 2.0 and the Roads Filter have just been released for use on CSF's website.

Both were showcased in early September in La Paz where CSF Bolivia staff rolled out the two strategic tools to prioritize conservation efforts in the face of road and dam development in South America. The first, the HydroCalculator enables people to quickly analyze the pros and cons of hydroelectric projects distinguishing between those that are relatively clean and efficient and those that are expensive and destructive. The hydro presentation is the third in a series that included similar events in Medellín, Colombia and Brasília, Brazil and ultimately aims to avoid destructive dam building.

Next the Amazon-Andes Roads Filter was showcased by its lead developer, Alfonso Malky. This tool brings together economic, geographic and social data to rank regional road proposals in terms of their risk of environmental impacts, economic losses, social conflict and cultural damage. To learn more about the project and test the filter itself, click here. The session in the Bolivian capital drew officials from planning agencies, electric utilities, banks, environmental NGOs and agencies and representatives from overseas development orgnizations, among others.

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HydroCalculator Tool
Projects or courses this news item is about: 
Roads Filter: A strategic analysis of road projects in the Amazon